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Six Reasons You Should Join the ALCOM Dealer Network

Whether you’re opening a new trailer dealership or expanding your location’s current offerings, choosing which products to offer is a big deal! Your customers are counting on you to have the products they want at the prices they need. Exceeding their expectations and earning their business is your goal, and helping you do that is ALCOM’s goal. 

We have a large, strong network of trailer dealers across the United States and Canada, and we are adding to that network to ensure all of our customers have access to our aluminum trailers when and where they need them. Our made-in-the-USA trailers are designed for nimble, weather-resistant, long-lasting performance and we are thrilled that you are considering adding them to your dealership’s lineup. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons you should join the ALCOM dealer network! 

Trailer Warranty Options 

When you become an ALCOM dealer, you can trust the partnership between our expert manufacturing operation and your expertise selling trailers to happy customers. ALCOM trailers come with a limited lifetime warranty, something many of our competitors don’t offer. Let your customers know you have them covered, and so do we, if something goes wrong with one of our trailers.

High Quality Trailers - Made in the USA

With all welded, all aluminum frame construction and a huge variety of styles and options, our trailers are made to last. They’re manufactured across the USA at six sites; our trailer manufacturing operations don’t just deliver great products, they create careers for local workers. With our dedication to building the strongest, lightest and most durable trailers on the road, ALCOM is always striving to deliver the best products with the best options on the market. 

Extensive Trailer Selection 

Open aluminum trailers for landscape equipment, snowmobiles, cars, rafts, personal watercraft, and more. Dump trucks for homeowner or commercial use. Enclosed aluminum trailers for cars, snow machines, motorcycles, cargo - even livestock! Sport decks for sleds, truck beds and truck-mounted livestock boxes, truck racks for UTVs. 

ALCOM manufactures all of the above, and more. Our offerings are so extensive, it’s hard to imagine most of your customers would even need to consider looking at another manufacturer! We combine years of expertise, the advantages of aluminum construction, and an extensive menu of optional features and upgrades to deliver the ultimate hauling solutions. Learn more about how we can help meet your customers’ needs based on your region, geography, local interests, and more. 

Easy Trailer Availability

With six manufacturing sites across the continental United States, ALCOM has trailers where you need them! Because we make trailers in multiple places, we have business continuity built into our operation. We are also able to deliver the right products to the right places - for example, you don’t need snowmobile trailers in Florida, or an influx of motorcycle trailers in Alaska, but ALCOM can tailor its deliveries to your region and the demands of your local market. Learn more about how our different sites help us serve your customers’ needs when you contact us about becoming a dealer!  

Resources for Dealers 

As an ALCOM dealer, you get exclusive materials to use in marketing and selling our aluminum trailers. Dealers have access to media assets, like professionally taken, high quality photos and video featuring the trailers you sell. You can also get ad packages to use in reaching your target customers, and sell sheets to make a lasting impression. 

Not only do we hook you up with professional materials, ALCOM invests in marketing and advertising in our dealers’ geographical areas. With marketing directed at your local area, ALCOM helps drive more leads to your dealership beyond the local drive-by traffic or the folks already searching for aluminum trailers. When you partner with ALCOM in our dealer network, your success is our success, and we are here to help you with the tools, resources, and support you need. 

Oh, and the sweet aluminum trailers. We have those, too. Lots of them! 

Customer Demand for Awesome Aluminum Trailers  

Next time you drive home from the dealership, check out the trailers you see on the road. Chances are, you’ll see at least one aluminum trailer made by ALCOM. Probably more than one, and probably more than one style - our open utility trailers, enclosed crossover snow trailers, cargo haulers and more are everywhere! 

Look for sleek, decked-out car haulers by Mission on their way to the car show. You’ll see contractor trailers by EZ Hauler and CargoPro headed to work with ladder racks loaded up.  

In cold climates, you’ll probably spot SnoPro trailers everywhere you go - sled decks on trucks, crossover enclosed snow trailers lined up by the trailhead, inline enclosed haulers loaded up with gear and stocked with features. High Country gets ATVs around in the mountains. 

Watching horses roll by in a livestock hauler? Frontier probably made that trailer. Personal watercraft pulling up to the lake? Check for the Triton logo on the trailer! When you see the Polaris logo on an aluminum trailer, you’ll know the trailer is custom sized to fit that Slingshot or RZR perfectly and ensure a great ride!  

You’ll see Mission and CargoPro landscape and utility trailers out and about, thanks to the huge lineup available. That includes deckover, tandem axle, and even tilting deck options with optional side rails and endless tie-down options. 

How about classic cargo haulers? They’re everywhere - and all of our brands, including Xpress and Stealth, offer a range of enclosed aluminum cargo trailers in sizes to meet your needs and fit your tow vehicle. 

Wherever you’re going and whatever your customers are hauling, ALCOM manufactures a solution to meet the need. When you join our dealer network, you get built in demand for the trailers on your lot, and you get to choose the trailers you stock to make sure you have what your customers want. Our aluminum trailers are engineered to be the lightest, strongest and longest-lasting trailers on the road. Your customers will be glad they chose your dealership, and you’ll be glad you chose ALCOM trailers. 

Let’s Sell Trailers 

We are honored that you’re considering working with us - and we can’t wait to sell trailers with you! We want to help you deliver great trailers to happy customers and build relationships that will last a lifetime. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn the details of becoming an ALCOM dealer, please reach out today. Complete our contact form, including any initial questions you have, and we will get back to you to talk about the next steps!   



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