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Buyer's Guide: Enclosed Aluminum Cargo Trailers

A black pickup truck tows a dark grey enclosed aluminum cargo hauler with a side access door.

The enclosed aluminum cargo trailer is a classic ALCOM staple. You’ve seen them on the road before, even if you didn’t know it - with distinctive smooth side panels and shiny stone guards, ALCOM’s cargo haulers are working hard every day for our happy customers. 

Once you’ve decided to buy an enclosed aluminum cargo trailer from one of our ALCOM brands, there are many details to consider! What size trailer do you need? What are you hauling? Which vehicle are you hitching this trailer behind, and where are you headed once it’s loaded up? 

Choosing YOUR perfect ALCOM aluminum enclosed cargo trailer means deciding which options, features, and upgrades you need - and which ones you really, really want. Aluminum enclosed cargo trailers are versatile and hard working.

Several of our ALCOM brands offer a generous selection of enclosed aluminum cargo haulers - check out our offerings from Mission, E-Z Hauler, CargoPro, Stealth, High Country, and Xpress

Let’s explore some of the features and options available when choosing your enclosed aluminum cargo trailer. The more you know, the better prepared you are to find YOUR trailer from our ALCOM lineup. 

Advantages of Aluminum Cargo Trailers 

Enclosed white aluminum cargo trailer with side access door parked outside; full side view.

Choosing an aluminum enclosed cargo trailer over a similar trailer built from steel automatically puts you in the lead. ALCOM’s all aluminum trailers offer you lighter construction, long-lasting rust and corrosion resistance, less wear and tear on your tow vehicle, and better payload when you load up the trailer. Some of our aluminum cargo trailers are so light, you can even tow them behind your SUV - letting even more consumers benefit from our dependable aluminum trailers! 

Once you’ve decided an aluminum cargo trailer is the right choice for you, choosing ALCOM is easy. There are still lots of details to consider before you buy the perfect enclosed aluminum hauler for your needs, though - so let’s take a deeper look. 

Size Matters: Picking the Right Trailer 

Picking the right size enclosed cargo trailer is key. Maybe you need a small, 4’ x 6’ hauler for your photography gear or band equipment; maybe you’re in the market for a huge 8.5’ x 20’ cargo trailer for your painting or HVAC business. Maybe you’re starting a mobile kitchen and want a light, mid-sized cargo trailer you can haul with your pickup. When choosing trailer size, consider your tow vehicle’s capacity and the size and weight of what you need to haul. Whatever you need, we have the right-size solution and can help you make your selection!  

ALCOM builds enclosed aluminum cargo trailers in a range of sizes, starting with a compact 4’ x 6’ trailer with a 60” tall box, all the way up to a roomy 8.5’ x 20’ hauler with 78” box height. Our cargo trailers are available in widths of 4 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft., 7.5 ft., and 8.5 ft.  

Trailer sizes are noted in box size, which includes length, width, and height. Detailed interior dimensions are also available on our website(s) for every size offered. The interior dimensions of the trailer box will be slightly smaller than the overall box size - approximately two inches in each dimension. For example, on an enclosed 7.5’ x 16’ cargo trailer, the box size is 90" x 16' x 78", while the interior dimensions are 87" x 15'10" x 76". 

All About Cargo Trailer Axles 

Your enclosed cargo trailer comes standard with Dexter torsion ride axles for a smooth and nimble ride. Larger, heavier trailers may require braked axles by law, depending on your state, and braked axles allow better performance and safety while towing heavier cargo. Accordingly, our larger enclosed cargo trailers come standard with braked axles. Smaller cargo haulers up to 6’ x 12’ come standard with idler (non-braked) axles, but can be upgraded. Depending on which trailer size you choose, you can also upgrade your axles. Options include spread axle upgrades with individual fenders; frame and axle upgrade combo packages to improve your trailer’s capacity; galvanized torsion axles; zero degree axles; surge brakes; and more! 

Upgrading your trailer’s axles can also improve your effective payload. With a cargo trailer frame upgrade, plus axles that can handle heavier loads, you can maximize your haul with the right tow vehicle. Because aluminum construction is still lighter than steel, even with performance upgrades, you still get more payload and better longevity with your aluminum hauler. Connect with your local ALCOM dealer to talk about the details if an axle upgrade sounds like the right fit for your aluminum cargo trailer! 

On The Nose: V-Nose vs. Flat Front Trailers 

ALCOM aluminum enclosed cargo trailers are available in both V-nose and flat nose construction. V-nose construction comes standard; flat front construction is available on request. Part of your choice may just come down to personal style. Which look do you prefer? But the trailer’s shape will impact your experience packing and hauling it. Let’s look closer. 

A flat nose style aluminum cargo trailer is a rectangle with no extra nose length - the classic cargo trailer! An aluminum cargo trailer with V-nose construction has a rectangular box, plus a V-shaped area at the front of the trailer that adds a little extra storage space and comes to a point. This shape can make it easier to turn or maneuver while towing this trailer. It can also allow you to better distribute weight throughout the trailer for stability while towing. Aerodynamics of each trailer body may vary depending on how the wind blows, but either way, you’ll have a lightweight, hard working road warrior hitched to your tow vehicle when you choose an ALCOM cargo trailer.

All About Cargo Trailer Access Doors 

Get in and out of your enclosed aluminum trailer without disturbing all your neatly packed cargo with ALCOM’s wide array of access door options. 

Each ALCOM enclosed aluminum cargo trailer has a rear door for loading, unloading, and accessing cargo. Many trailers come standard with double barn doors (or a single barn door in our most compact, 4’ wide cargo haulers). Get unobstructed access to the rear of your trailer and stow ramps or other tools on the inside of the barn doors. 

You could also choose a rear ramp door with spring assist for all-in-one loading and unloading. You’re never caught without a ramp when it’s built into your trailer. Add a starter flap to the end of the spring assisted ramp door for even smoother loading.  

Side access to a loaded trailer is a must-have upgrade. Many of our enclosed aluminum cargo trailers come standard with a side access door, which delivers superior access. Choose a larger side access door, or multiple doors, for a larger trailer - you could even opt for a concession door! 

The side of your aluminum trailer should also have a fuel access door built in. If you haul vehicles - classic cars, riding mowers, snow machines, ATVs - in your cargo trailer, you might need to refuel in cold temperatures or messy weather. Open the fuel door, pass the pump nozzle through, and outsmart the elements while you fill the tank. 

Steps, generator compartments and more are also available. Our aluminum enclosed cargo trailers are built to be multi-functional, and our broad offering of access doors and compartments is designed to facilitate what you need from your trailer. 

Lock & Handle Upgrades for Your Trailer  

Locking bars on ALCOM enclosed aluminum trailer ramp and side access doors.

When you’re on the road with your cargo trailer, it becomes your gear’s aluminum home away from home - or garage away from garage - and you want to make sure you can lock it all down securely when you aren’t there to keep watch. Right? We understand - and we have options to add extra security to your aluminum cargo trailer

With locking bars, you get an extra layer of security over your cargo trailer door’s paddle handle. Lockable hasps are a great upgrade for your trailer’s rear door and let you leverage a locking bar mechanism with a keyed lock. Freezer latches are a sleek, stylish upgrade for trailer doors - they’re also difficult to tamper with, offering easy use and a keyed lock. 

All About Trailer Anchor Points 

Recessed slide track with D-rings in enclosed ALCOM aluminum trailer

Keeping cargo secured inside your trailer is crucial. Without the right anchor points and tie-downs, you could end up with a huge mess to unload when you arrive. 

That’s why ALCOM builds a rich array of anchor point options in our enclosed aluminum cargo trailers. Get light duty surface mounted or recessed sliding D-rings standard, or upgrade with a variety of options! You can get powder coated sliding D-rings, heavy-duty 5000-lb. or 6000-lb. capacity D-rings, swivel D-rings and more. 

Sliding track with D-rings lets you customize your anchor points inside your trailer, reducing the risk of items shifting, and cutting down on messy straps and tie-downs that can turn into a jumble and make unloading more complicated. 

For specialty hauling, you can also add upgrades like motorcycle wheel chocks, ski tie-down bars for snowmobiles, or sliding track on your trailer walls with D-rings mounted there, too. 

Let our product guides or your local ALCOM dealer help you choose the combination of anchor points that works for your cargo, so you can make your trailer work for you. Trust that your cargo is not only well protected, it’s securely attached to the trailer deck and ready to roll! 

What’s Next? Learn More 

The options available on ALCOM’s enclosed aluminum cargo trailers are nearly endless. Customize your trailer’s box height, wheels, exterior color, decking, electrical packages, lighting options, cabinets, and more. 

Now that you’ve explored just a few of the options available when you choose an ALCOM enclosed aluminum cargo trailer, are you ready to start customizing YOUR trailer? Visit our website today to learn more about our trailer brands, check out our brand websites, and connect with your local ALCOM dealer to get started.  

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