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Shed Some Light on Your Cargo

Enclosed ALCOM snow trailer parked with several snowmobiles, showing exterior ramp lights on the trailer.

No matter how you use your enclosed aluminum trailer from ALCOM, at some point you’re going to want to shed some light on the cargo you’re hauling.

Maybe you’re unloading a stash of moving boxes a little later than planned, packing up tools after a hard day’s work, or regrouping after a long day shredding fresh powder on snowmobiles. Either way, it’s no fun to fumble around in the dark with a flashlight. Worse yet - what if you forgot the flashlight or headlamp? Even more awkward.

Plus, if you’re working or playing outside, you're always going to want some exterior lighting. 

Let interior and exterior lighting options from ALCOM keep your work or play going any time of day or night, whatever the season. Check out a few of our great options below, then connect with your local ALCOM dealer to learn more! 

Interior Lights

Don’t get caught in the dark, wasting time, holding a flashlight in one hand and searching for cargo with the other. Interior lighting is a simple solution that you don’t want to overlook. 

Ceiling mounted dome lights with a wall switch are a simple, classic option for your enclosed trailer. For a sleeker look, upgrade to a set of recessed LED puck lights - you can even have them installed under your overhead cabinets. 

Four-foot wraparound style LED lights mounted to the ceiling are a big, bright option. You could also choose a fully custom configuration with by-the-foot LED strip lighting.  

Exterior Lights 

Light up the area around your trailer with exterior lighting options! Loading lights are available in single or double installation. Choose recessed, anodized, or diamond plate loading lights. Rear canopy lights over your trailer’s rear door let you load, unload, or get some work done without missing a beat in low light. 

Never miss out on working or playing around the trailer after dark when you opt for the K60 LED exterior scene light package, which includes two K60 scene lights and a 12V wall switch. Finally, add an LED porch light - the perfect touch to make your trailer really feel like home. 

Electrical Packages 

To power all this light, you need electricity. ALCOM offers a range of 12V and 110V electrical packages to keep you charged up. From a deep cycle marine battery to a 60A power converter with your 110V package, we have options to keep you going. Get great features like GFCI outlets, USB ports, and more.   

Talk with your local dealer about the electrical package that best suits your needs. 

Safety & Marker Lights 

All trailers are required by law to have safety and marker lights - just like any other vehicle on the road. Your ALCOM trailer comes with these lights already installed, but you can also choose updates here if you like. 

For example, get mid-ship turn signals for your trailer’s tandem fender; add angled back-up lights to the sides of the trailer; or opt for 6” oval LED alternating flashing safety lights. You could even add a backup camera with a 7” LCD screen for extra safety every time you hit the road! 

Learn More

Ready to take the next step in your trailer buying journey? ALCOM has a large family of aluminum trailer brands, with six manufacturing sites across the continental United States. And with hundreds of dealers across the USA and Canada, there’s sure to be an ALCOM aluminum trailer dealer near you - wherever you are! Visit our brand sites or connect with your local dealer today to get started.

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