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Lock it Down With ALCOM Trailer Security Upgrades

Black ALCOM enclosed trailer with locking bar closures on rear ramp door in front of mountain views

Once your ALCOM aluminum cargo trailer is loaded, you're ready to lock the doors and hit the road. Keeping your gear contained, organized and safely transported is the whole point of hauling it around in an enclosed ALCOM aluminum trailer! 

With paddle handle closures included standard on our enclosed aluminum trailer doors, you can trust that the doors will be secure as soon as you drive off the lot. But if you want a little extra peace of mind - and an extra deterrent for prying eyes or hands that might want a piece of your valuables - ALCOM has upgraded door handle and lock options available for your trailer.  

Making sure your cargo stays put for the long haul is no small concern. Check out our handle and lock options in this video, then read a little more about the options available.

When you're ready, chat with your local dealer or reach out to our brand teams online, and get started designing the enclosed aluminum trailer that works best for you! 

Locking Bars

Want to give your trailer door’s paddle handles a little extra backup? Add a locking bar to the exterior doors of your ALCOM aluminum trailer to put even more security around your cargo. The bar fits over your trailer's existing paddle handles. 

The bar is mounted to the side of your trailer, and the hasp section is mounted to the trailer door. There’s even a protective strip placed on the trailer side to keep the bar from scratching it. Once placed into the hasp and secured with a chain, lock, or cable, the bar keeps your cargo in and makes unauthorized entry of your trailer even more difficult, keeping your items safely stashed and locked away until you need to access them.  

Locking Hasp Closure 

Locking bar with hasp closure on enclosed ALCOM aluminum trailer

Another great upgrade option for your ALCOM aluminum trailer’s exterior doors is a locking hasp closure. Instead of going over the paddle handle, this assembly replaces it with a locking bar design. 

Choose locking hasps for the rear ramp door of your trailer to hold it all together in style, then easily open upon arrival. Place the locking bar into the hasp, and it clicks into place so you know it’s secured. Turn the key to lock the hasp closed - then zoom off to your destination knowing your trailer is buttoned up and your cargo is locked safely inside. 

Freezer Handles 

For a sleek and shiny look with next-level security, you need ALCOM’s freezer handles on your enclosed aluminum trailer doors. Upgrade your trailer’s look and get a simple, ultra-secure locking system at the same time. 

The freezer handle doesn’t include a locking bar on the exterior of the trailer; instead, its mechanism is built into the trailer frame itself. The freezer handle is difficult to tamper with because of its integrated placement, securing this latch inside the trailer frame; it’s also easy to use because it turns like a regular handle. It has a keyed lock, plus a spot for an additional padlock or chain. Also called L-latches, these freezer handles look sharp with the cast corners on our flat-front car haulers, and they’re easy to grab with cold hands when opening up your snowmobile trailer. 

Learn More 

Questions about the door and lock options for your ALCOM enclosed aluminum trailer? Visit our brand websites to learn more about door and window options and upgrades, including our latches, hasps and even upgraded hinges! Choose the options that fit your style and make your ALCOM aluminum trailer the ideal travel companion, no matter what you need to haul.  

Our Features & Options pages are designed to help you choose, and then customize, your ideal  ALCOM enclosed aluminum trailer. Connect with us online or reach out to your local ALCOM trailer dealer to get started.

With our huge product line and so many customizable options available, like water resistant decking and cabinets galore, we are sure to have the right aluminum trailer for you.  Plus, with our huge network of over 500 dealers across the United States and Canada, there's an ALCOM dealer near you - wherever you are! 

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