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Buyer's Guide: Open Aluminum Utility Trailers

Open aluminum utility trailer by ALCOM loaded with lawn care equipment, parked at a jobsite.

ALCOM’s open aluminum utility trailers are designed to offer the lightest, strongest, longest lasting performance on the market. You’ve probably seen our utility trailers on the road before hauling lawn equipment, brush or debris, or even ATVs. Aluminum utility trailers from ALCOM are working hard every day for lots of happy customers.  

When choosing a utility trailer, you want to consider what you’re hauling, where it’s headed, and your tow vehicle. Choosing YOUR ideal ALCOM open utility trailer also means deciding which options, features, and upgrades you’ll have us build into your new aluminum workhorse. 

When and why might you want an open utility trailer? There are so many ways to use these versatile aluminum haulers! Moving across town or helping your friend with that new washer and dryer? Starting a lawn care or snow removal business? Maybe you’re taking seasonal yard debris to the dump, or headed to the lake with your camping gear. Get your ALCOM utility trailer loaded and hit the road! 

Our aluminum trailer brands proudly offer open utility trailers in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs. Let’s explore some of the available options when you choose an open aluminum utility trailer from ALCOM. The more you know, the better prepared you are to find YOUR trailer in our lineup!  

The Aluminum Advantage   

Open aluminum utility trailer from ALCOM with two people driving lawn equipment down rear ramp

Choosing an aluminum utility trailer from ALCOM over a similar steel model from our competitors automatically puts you in the lead. With our signature all aluminum construction, ALCOM open utility trailers are designed to withstand the elements for years to come, with superior rust and corrosion resistance. 

They’re also lighter and have a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel, which reduces wear and tear on your tow vehicle and lets you really maximize your haul. Some of our open aluminum utility trailers are light enough to haul behind your SUV, letting even more customers enjoy the benefits of our reliable aluminum trailers! 

It’s easy to choose ALCOM once you’ve decided an aluminum utility trailer is the right solution for your hauling needs. But there are so many options available, you might be wondering where to start. Let’s take a deeper look at some other things to consider before buying your ALCOM open aluminum utility trailer. 

Trailer Size Matters - How to Choose 

Open aluminum deckover utility trailer by ALCOM

ALCOM builds open aluminum utility trailers in a broad range of styles and sizes - from a compact 5’x 8’ SSR model with fixed sides, to a huge 101” x 24’ open deckover style hauler, our workhorse utility trailers are sized to meet your needs. 

Our simpler, lighter options include models like the FA Tilting 2.0 Open Utility Trailer, SSR Open Utility Trailer with fixed sides, and the Open Light Duty Deckover Trailer. These models are generally available in smaller sizes, like 6.5’ x 12’ and 5’ x 10’. A tilting trailer is a useful solution for a one-person operation, and a light duty deckover trailer delivers maximum cargo space with minimal weight. A lightweight hauler with fixed sides is the ultimate in versatility!

Larger, heavier open utility trailer options include models like the FA Tandem Axle 2.0 Open Utility Trailer, the Open Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Trailer (with 14K version available!), and the 14K-rated Open Low-Pro Beavertail Wood Deckover Trailer. With these big rigs, you can get a larger trailer with bigger capacity, up to 8.5’ wide and 24’ long for larger cargo. These heavier haulers are built to take on tougher jobs and stand the test of time. 

All About Trailer Axles 

Depending on the overall weight and type of open utility trailer you choose, it may have braked axles built in. The law varies by state, but larger, heavier trailers are generally required to have braked axles. Lighter, smaller trailers that do not require braked axles are built with Dexter torsion idler axles, ensuring a smooth, responsive ride. 

Braked axles are important for heavier trailers and cargo because they reduce wear and tear on your tow vehicle, and they provide important control during towing. With electric brakes on your trailer, applying the brakes on your tow vehicle also activates the trailer brakes, providing better control while slowing or stopping. 

Some or our aluminum trailers have axle upgrades available to increase your hauling potential. Learn more by visiting our website or talking with your ALCOM dealer! 

Keep it Together With Side Panel Options

An open aluminum utility trailer generally does not have side walls - that’s part of the whole “open” concept - but sometimes you might want the option to enclose your cargo. Don’t worry - ALCOM has got you covered with side panel options for your open utility trailer. 

Some of our open utility trailers are built with rub rails and stake pockets, like our Light Duty Deckover, Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty and Low Profile Beavertail Deckover utility trailers. Custom side walls can be attached to the rub rails and stake pockets for even more versatility. 

Other models, like our AR 2.0 open utility trailer and our FA 2.0 open utility trailer, have optional side rail kits. Choose 10” solid or 14” (AR 2.0) / 17” (FA 2.0) slatted rail kits when you customize your ALCOM aluminum utility trailer. To explore all of your options, visit our brand sites or talk with your local ALCOM dealer!  

Tie it Down With Custom Anchor Points 

Anchor points are a crucial component of your ALCOM open utility trailer. Without them, you can’t secure your cargo - so let’s look at the solutions ALCOM offers for securing items to your open utility trailer. 

D-rings are a classic, time-tested tie-down option that you’ll want on your open utility trailer deck. Some trailer models come with adjustable sliding tracks already installed, and sliding D-rings work with the track to create custom anchor points wherever you need them. For fixed D-rings, swivel and recessed options are available for extra convenience. 

Rub rails with stake pockets, which are built into several of our open utility trailers, also provide anchor points for chains or straps used in securing cargo. They can also be used in building your own customized rails or side walls. The rub rail provides a buffer for the sides of your trailer’s deck during transit. 

Keep it all secured with ALCOM’s purpose-built, thoughtful tie-down solutions. Talk with your local dealer or visit our brand websites to learn more. 

Load it Up With Ramp Options 

HD flip up ramps for open utility trailer

Your cargo is on the ground. Your trailer deck is 18” or more above the ground. There’s only so much you can lift without throwing your back out - what’s the solution? Ramps to the rescue - ALCOM open aluminum utility trailers have a host of ramp solutions for loading and unloading your cargo. 

Fold down ramps are attached to the rear of the trailer; they fold up and secure in place during transit, then fold down when you need to use them. The ramp itself creates a rear “wall” for the open utility trailer. Bi-fold ramps also fold in and out of place at the rear of your utility trailer, but the bi-fold design gives them a lower profile for better aerodynamics. 

Stowable ramps are out of sight, out of mind when you don’t need them - either stowed under your trailer or side mounted pulling double duty as side rails. When it’s time to get to work, pull the ramps out of their stow spots and you’re ready to go! 

A tilting utility trailer lets you forgo a ramp entirely! Tilt the trailer deck to ground level, load it up, then level it out and you’re ready to go. Check out all the ramp options and upgrades available when you visit our brand sites or talk with your local ALCOM dealer. 

What’s Next on Your Open Aluminum Utility Trailer Adventure? 

Ready to choose an open aluminum utility trailer from ALCOM’s huge lineup? Now that you’ve explored a little bit more about what goes into our open utility trailers and what options are available, it’s time to check out our trailer brands and connect with your local ALCOM dealer to get started. 

ALCOM is dedicated to building the lightest, strongest and hardest working open aluminum utility trailers on the market. We manufacture our trailers at six sites across the continental United States and have over 500 dealers across the USA and Canada. Let’s find YOUR trailer today! 

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