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Enclosed vs. Open Snowmobile Trailers - Buyer's Guide

A red enclosed ALCOM crossover/hybrid snow trailer and two snowmobiles parked in front of it on a snowy day.

In the market for a new snowmobile trailer? You’re already ahead of the game when you choose an ALCOM aluminum snow trailer. But which style is right for you? With so many available options from our family of aluminum trailer brands, it can be tough to narrow down your choices. 

The first big decision to make is whether you will buy an open or enclosed aluminum snowmobile trailer. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks. The key to choosing which style is right for you is determining how many sleds you’re hauling, how much you can invest in a trailer, and which features and options you can’t do without. 

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of both open and enclosed snowmobile trailers to help you get started! 

Open Snowmobile Trailers - The Pros 

For those who want just the basics, an open snowmobile trailer is an ideal solution. 

An open trailer lets you travel light while still getting the great features like ski tie-down bars, track mats and paddle grabbers, and water resistant trailer decking

Open snow trailers are smaller and lighter than enclosed models, which also means they are more affordable if your budget is limited. They’re also easier to maneuver by hand, and they’re more fuel efficient than enclosed models. 

Our open snow trailers come in tilting and on/off models. Tilting deck snow trailers let you tilt the deck itself instead of using ramps to load and unload your trailer. The on/off model with a stationary deck uses rear ramps for loading and front ramps for unloading. 

No truck? No problem - some of our open aluminum snow trailers are so light, you can tow them with an SUV! For the ultimate in nimble sled transport, look at our sled decks - an ALCOM sport deck mounts in the bed of your truck and lets you hit the road without expanding your vehicle’s footprint. Perfect for finding a parking spot when it's time to eat and warm up after hitting the trails! 

Open Snowmobile Trailers - The Cons

Are open snow trailers too good to be true? Nope - they have some possible drawbacks to consider. 

First, think about road debris and the elements. Covers can partially protect your sleds from salt, snow, gravel and more, but an open trailer always leaves room for Mother Nature to sneak in. 

Open trailers also let others see your valuables more easily when you’re parked at the gas station or the hotel. An enclosed hauler adds an extra layer of obscurity and security when you’re hauling your expensive gear around. 

Another question to ask yourself is whether you want to use your snowmobile trailer as a base camp for changing clothes, warming up, or grabbing a hot chocolate. If so, you probably want to look at an enclosed snow trailer. 

Good thing ALCOM has plenty of enclosed models to choose from! Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of going with an enclosed aluminum snow trailer.   

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers - The Pros

It’s not hard to think of reasons to love an enclosed snowmobile trailer. 

For one, an enclosed trailer keeps your sleds protected from the elements and from road debris like rocks and salt. It also ensures you have a dry place to change clothes and store your gear. 

You can choose a smaller, lightweight enclosed model like the hybrid/crossover series, or go with a huge, fully equipped Elevation series hauler. 

But the basics are only the beginning. Like our cargo and contractor trailers, an enclosed snowmobile trailer serves as the perfect “blank canvas” for you to design your perfect all aluminum hauler. 

Many of the premium snowmobile trailer accessories and upgrades ALCOM offers are only available in our enclosed snow trailers. If decking out your snow trailer and making it a warm, multi-functional mobile base camp is important to you, an enclosed trailer is the way to go. 

And there are so many ways to go when you choose to outfit your enclosed aluminum snow trailer with upgrades! Coat racks, cabinets, a heated boot box, and padded benches are just a few of the comforts you can add to your trailer. Add power and lighting so you can always charge up and see what you’re doing. You could even add a heating package - or add your own heater, generator, and more down the road.   

Plus, with an enclosed snowmobile trailer, you have built in year-round enclosed parking for your sleds. 

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers - The Cons 

Enclosed snow trailers offer a premium ride for your sleds and a great spot for you to rest and refuel, but they, too, have some possible drawbacks to consider. 

On average, enclosed snowmobile trailers are larger and heavier than open trailers. This means more wear and tear on the tow vehicle, and usually, you’ll need a larger vehicle like a pickup truck. The trailer will be more expensive up front, and require more gas over time, since it’s larger and heavier. 

The larger your vehicle and trailer, the harder it is to sneak into a parking spot or down a narrow road to a trailhead. For that, consider a truck-mounted sport deck for taking your sled on the go. Whichever trailer you choose, be certain to consider where you’ll be parking and how comfortable you are maneuvering a larger trailer when making your selection. 

What’s Next? 

So, will you be towing an open aluminum snow trailer this winter, or hauling an enclosed snowmobile garage to go?

In general, if you’re looking for a lighter, lower priced trailer, check out open models and talk with your local dealer about the details. If you have a little more to spend or need more features, check out the enclosed models and see what ALCOM has to offer! Need to be ready to hit the road at a moment's notice and sneak into limited parking areas? Get a sled deck and you will never look back - except to see how great that loaded sport deck looks on your truck, that is. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, visit our brand sites today to see our full line of aluminum snowmobile trailers. With six manufacturing sites across the continental USA, and over 500 trailer dealers across the United States and Canada, there’s an ALCOM dealer near you - wherever you are! 


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