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Power Up With Trailer Electrical Packages

Power package options showing roof vent and a man using wall outlets with USB receptacles.

To make the most of your ALCOM aluminum trailer, power up with an electrical package. Having a power source is a must when you’re on the road, whether for work or play, and ALCOM has a menu of options to keep you powered up! 

Enclosed cargo, snow, car or contractor trailers don’t just haul your stuff. They often become a mobile garage, work station, or home base during your adventures. Just like you probably wouldn’t enjoy an unplanned power outage at home, it’s no fun to be stuck on the road without a way to power up and charge your devices, get some heat flowing through the trailer, or listen to music. 

When choosing your ALCOM trailer options, talk to your dealer about your power options to make sure you get the best and brightest experience with your trailer.

Electrical Current Affairs 

When adding power to your trailer, you have an array of options, including 12V DC and 110V AC power packages, each serving a different purpose. 

Direct current, or DC, power, travels in one direction only, and is the type of electricity you use when you plug in your cell phone or laptop to charge. This lower voltage power also runs the lights on your trailer, like turn signals and brake lights. 

Alternating current, or AC, power, is the type of electricity you get from the power outlets at home or in the office, that runs things like the washer and dryer, the fridge, or the lights. Its flow can change direction and travel much longer than DC power. It also uses higher voltage. 

A cargo trailer, much like an RV, can be wired with both types of power, depending on what you plan to do. Now that you’re familiar with the types of power you can have built into your ALCOM trailer, let’s explore some of your options!  

Portable Power - 12V Packages 

When you charge your phone in the car with a USB cable, you’re using 12V DC power. Applying this principle to your trailer, 12V power is the mobile power source for lights or other appliances inside your trailer. To make the most of it, upgrade your trailer’s wiring harness from a 4-way (lights only) to a 7-way plug (includes lights, trailer brakes, and 12V auxiliary power). Then choose options like 12V wall switches, dome lights, porch lights, roof vent, and more! 

Add a deep cycle marine battery and wired box with trickle charger for battery to make sure you always have fully portable power in your aluminum trailer. You could even upgrade to a 12V electric pedestal jack for your trailer - with battery and box installed.  

More Power - 110V Packages 

When you roll up to the motocross track or a campground and want to plug your trailer into an electrical hookup station, you’re going to need a 110V power package. This is the power type that requires a generator, or a motorbase plug and somewhere to plug in to what’s called “shore power”. ALCOM offers an array of 110V packages to meet your needs, from no-frills to all-in options. 

With Package 1, you get a 15A motorbase plug, a wall switch, a receptacle, and a 4’ LED wraparound light. This package is available as-is, with no additions available. 

If you choose Package 2, you’ll get a 30A breaker, 25’ shore line, two 3-way wall switches, a standard wall receptacle, a GFCI wall receptacle and two 4’ LED wraparound lights. This gives you loads of light and lots of options!  

In Package 3, enjoy a 30A panel, 1 wall switch, 4 standard wall receptacles, 1 GFCI receptacle, four 4’ LED wraparound lights, a brace and wire stub for an AC unit (the AC unit is sold and installed separately - check with your dealer for details!). 

Get just the basics in Package 4: a 15A motorbase plug and two wall receptacles. 

Go big or stay home with Package 5! This package includes a 60A breaker panel with 60A converter and 50A motorbase plug, two 3-way wall switches, a standard wall receptacle, a USB wall receptacle, a GFCI wall receptacle, two 4’ LED wraparound lights, and a 12V deep cycle battery and box.  

Light it Up  

Once your trailer has power, it’s time to turn on the lights! There’s nothing better than being prepared on your adventure. No matter what size enclosed aluminum trailer you choose, ALCOM has lighting options to let you access and organize cargo at any time of day or night. Learn more about lighting options and talk with your local dealer to make sure you get the lights you need when choosing your trailer.

Generate Some Heat 

If you’re hauling your trailer in cold weather - especially for adventures like snowmobiling, ice fishing, or backcountry skiing - it’s nice to warm up when you step inside those spring assisted ramp doors. Many enclosed ALCOM aluminum trailers can be built to accommodate a generator that ensures you are always ready to heat things up no matter how cold it gets outside. In your enclosed snow trailer, check out our available heating packages to make your trailer cozy and inviting anytime you need a break. Learn more when you visit our brand sites or chat with your local dealer. 

Learn More 

With so many options to outfit your ALCOM aluminum trailer with power and light, you’ll never be left using awkward makeshift solutions on the road. Dedicated light and power let you make the most of your ALCOM investment! 

With six manufacturing sites across the continental United States, and over 500 dealers throughout the USA and Canada, ALCOM has a dealer near you and our team is ready to help you build the trailer of your dreams! Get started by visiting our brand sites today to check out the exciting options we build. 



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