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Essential Snowmobile Trailer Accessories

Two ALCOM enclosed snowmobile trailers parked outside a house with snow on the ground.

Hauling snowmobiles this winter? ALCOM aluminum snowmobile trailers are designed to help maximize your winter fun and keep your sleds in great shape. Purchasing a snowmobile trailer is an exciting - but possibly overwhelming - decision. 

Getting your sleds from home to the trailhead is serious business - you need a reliable trailer that’s built to stand up to winter weather and keep your gear secured for the long haul. When you choose an ALCOM aluminum snowmobile trailer, some of the essential features come standard no matter which model you choose! Depending on which ALCOM snow trailer model is best for your winter adventures, there are also loads of extra options and upgrades you can choose to really customize your snow trailer.  

Let’s look at some essential parts of your snow trailer so you’re prepared this winter. No matter how many sleds you’re hauling or where you’re going, you can’t skip these essential snowmobile trailer accessories from ALCOM!  

Let’s Talk About Traction 

Get the traction you need and protect your investments from damage with ALCOM’s offering of Caliber traction products for your snow trailer. 

Ski guides let you glide sleds smoothly into place just where you want them, while reducing friction between the ski and the floor. Make sure your aluminum adventure wagon is equipped with ski guides so you’re ready to load and unload with damage-free confidence and hit the trails. 

Protect your trailer deck and your snowmobile tracks with Caliber track mats. Best for trail model sleds, track mats give your sled traction and a clear path in and out of the trailer. Don’t load your sleds without them! Track mats are so popular that most of our ALCOM dealers will stock them as a standard feature in every snow trailer they order.  

For mountain sleds, you need paddle grabbers - get them installed in your ALCOM snow trailer on request and make sure your tracks have the traction they need for a great ride to your next adrenaline rush!    

Sled Security 101 - Anchor Points 

What good is a trailer if you can’t secure the precious cargo inside it? Absolutely none. Don’t worry - ALCOM snow trailers come standard with anchor points and have available upgrades to make sure your sleds are secured. 

Use ski tie-down bars to lock your snowmobile in place once you’ve loaded it on the ski guides. The tie-down bar takes the place of straps. The bar raises and lowers using a fastening bolt; place the skis under the bar, lower the bar, and screw it down into place.  

Every trailer needs D-rings for tying down cargo. ALCOM has options to make the most of this time-trusted anchor point, including swivel and recessed installation, or heavy duty D-rings with heavier safe operating loads in our larger, heavier trailers. Use sliding D-rings on our recessed sliding track for extra versatility. Keep it all tied down with D-rings on your aluminum snow trailer.   

Loading & Unloading

Getting your sled from the ground into the trailer requires a ramp, and ALCOM’s aluminum snowmobile trailers all feature at least one way to load and unload sleds at an angle. 

If you prefer a smaller, open style aluminum snow trailer, check out the tilting deck option! The trailer itself tilts so you don’t even need a ramp. Get a single or double tilting trailer, or a double on/off tilting version with front and rear access for extra convenience.  

ALCOM’s enclosed aluminum snow trailers are built with rear ramp doors for loading and unloading. The spring assisted ramp makes it easy to open and close. Add a starter or transition flap to your ramp to make it even easier to get from ground level smoothly onto the trailer deck. 

Our favorite option for loading and unloading snowmobile trailers is a rear ramp door for loading, and a front ramp door for unloading! Some of our enclosed snow trailer models offer this great upgrade. Drive sleds in, then drive them out - it’s like a Pez dispenser for your snowmobiles!   

Fuel Access Doors

Fuel access door on the side of an enclosed ALCOM aluminum trailer.

Fueling up snowmobiles when it’s cold outside can be a real drag, especially if you need to take your sled out of the trailer to reach the gas tank. Make sure your ALCOM enclosed snowmobile trailer has a fuel access door built in to keep it simple. Pass the fuel pump nozzle through the door and you can stay warm inside the trailer while you fill gas cans or gas tanks! Save the cold air exposure for the real fun - riding your sleds through the fresh powder you discover when you travel with your enclosed ALCOM aluminum snow trailer.  

Interior Lights

Dome light and USB receptacle in an enclosed aluminum trailer

Winter light can try to put a damper on your outdoor fun, but interior lights in your ALCOM aluminum snowmobile trailer are here to help. With interior lights included standard on most of our enclosed snow trailers, and lighting package upgrades available in many models, you’ll never be left out in the dark! Why fumble around with a flashlight when you can flip a switch and see it all, any time of day or night?  

Trailer Brakes 

Large enclosed ALCOM snow trailer with ramp door open.

Large, heavier enclosed snowmobile trailers are great for hauling lots of gear and bringing creature comforts on the road. They also require more stopping power than smaller, lighter models - especially in winter weather when the roads get slick. 

Good thing ALCOM builds braked axles into our larger enclosed models. This essential feature is included standard on many of our bigger snowmobile haulers. With braked axles on your trailer, your tow vehicle isn’t alone in the job of slowing, controlling, and stopping the trailer’s momentum. Get a safer haul and better stopping power with braked axles on your aluminum snow trailer.  

More Options & Upgrades

Interior view of enclosed snow trailer showing coat hooks, cabinets, slide track, and a man sitting on a fold down padded bench.

Now that you know a few of the essential elements for your aluminum snowmobile trailer, learn even more about ALCOM’s options and get ready to find YOUR trailer from our incredible lineup. Depending on which trailer model you choose, there are so many more options to discover. 

Get coat hangers, storage cabinets, heat and power packages, padded benches, and so much more when you customize your all aluminum, all awesome ALCOM snow trailer. Whether you’re a solo adventure seeker looking to haul one sled, a family out to enjoy winter fun, or a team of pro snowmobile racers - we have a snowmobile trailer for you. 

Learn more by visiting our website, checking out our brand sites, and connecting with your local dealer today. With six manufacturing sites across the continental United States, and over 500 dealers across the USA and Canada, there's an ALCOM dealer near you - wherever you are!

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