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Enclosed Aluminum Car Hauler Buyer’s Guide

Enclosed aluminum car hauler by ALCOM, parked with an American flag and barn in the background.

Hauling cars is a serious job. Whether you’ve purchased a vehicle from the auction lot and need to get it back to your shop, or you’re headed to the car show with an antique beauty, you need a safe, reliable ride for your cars and ALCOM builds enclosed aluminum car trailers to meet your needs. 

Which enclosed car hauler you choose will depend on what you’re hauling and how you want to get there. Let’s look at ALCOM’s lineup of enclosed car trailers and what to look for when it’s time to order yours.  

Enclosed Car Hauler Models 

ALCOM builds enclosed car hauler trailers for one to three vehicles, from 14’ to 53’ in length. Check your budget and your must-have trailer options and take a look at what ALCOM has to offer! Our longest trailers are built with gooseneck construction, with a wide range of sizes also available in V-nose or flat front construction. 

Gooseneck style enclosed aluminum car hauler by ALCOM

If you want the length for up to three cars and the convenience of a 96” gooseneck attic, check out gooseneck car haulers in 24’ to 53’. This is the “go big or go home” car hauler and if you need to go big, a gooseneck trailer from ALCOM has got you covered. Get up to three vehicles in the 53’ gooseneck hauler! Massive storage and cargo space, built-in beavertail construction, and loads of options make this big rig a solid choice.  

Enclosed car hauler by ALCOM, with rear and escape doors open

For V-nose or flat-front car trailers from 14’ to 32’ long, check out the enclosed car hauler and its Pinnacle series siblings (more about those in a minute). An enclosed car hauler offers hidden beavertail construction and a wide array of upgrade options. Choose decking, cabinet, lighting, door and finish details to make your trailer just what you wanted.  

Pinnacle Series Upgrades

If you really want to go all out, invest in the Pinnacle series for the ultimate comfort and convenience, with features like a heater package and built-in wardrobe. 

Loaded with premium features as standard options, the Pinnacle car hauler is available in 14’ to 32’. Get doors, interior and exterior lights and electrical hookups, hinge and latch upgrades, cabinets, trailer jacks, rubber flooring, premium trim - and so much more, all standard. Haul your cars, organize your stuff, charge your phone and have the best looking trailer out there. 

The Pinnacle Stacker trailer combines Pinnacle series features with the extra capacity of a 6,000-lb capacity, 14’ Titan lift. Elevate your car on the lift - plus, you can use it to access the 6’ loft storage area that’s built into the Pinnacle Stacker. Get all the premium features you could want, plus loads of cargo capacity. Look like a boss when you unload at the car show with the Pinnacle Stacker car hauler!  

Load Up and Tie Down 

ALCOM has tie-down options to spare when you’re customizing an enclosed car hauler. Stick with the standard installed D-rings or upgrade to recessed, sliding, or heavy-duty D-rings. Add E-track, airline track, recessed slide track, and motorcycle chocks in a variety of styles and placements. 

Consider your hauling style and the vehicles or cargo you need to secure when choosing these options - you might not need motorcycle chocks (or you might want several!) but heavy-duty D-rings could save the day if you haul heavy vehicles. Don’t forget to add tracks to the floor or walls of the trailer to give yourself even more tie-down placement options! 

Beavertail Construction 

Hauling low-clearance vehicles, like antique cars? The built-in beavertail on our enclosed car haulers is designed just for this reason. Classic cars or other low-clearance vehicles that sit close to the ground are especially vulnerable to damage while loading and unloading. Their low ground clearance makes it important to maneuver them carefully, and beavertail construction is the perfect solution. 

Beavertail construction uses a built-in slope on the rear of the trailer deck that enables easier loading over the rear of the trailer. The beavertail functionally extends the rear ramp, providing a longer, gentler slope for your vehicles to drive up and in, or down and out, without dragging their undercarriage.  

Access Doors Galore 

Spring assisted rear ramp doors - with optional transition and starter flaps - help you load and unload easily. But ALCOM offers so many more door options for your enclosed car trailer. 

One of our favorite doors is the heavy duty rear ramp - it’s standard on the Pinnacle series and available on our other car haulers. Get durable, worry-free loading with this heavy-duty ramp. 

Add an Elite Escape Door to the side of your car hauler to easily access your cargo. It also allows damage-free loading - drive your car into the trailer, and with the Elite Escape Door open you can safely open the driver side door, exit the vehicle, and hop out of the trailer! 

A side access door lets you enter the trailer from the side instead of using the rear ramp door. Easy side access to your trailer is a must. So is easy fueling - and fuel doors make it simple and convenient to refuel vehicles without moving them from the trailer. Pull-out or fold-down steps make your side access doors easy and safer to use. 

Adding a generator to your trailer? Get a generator tray and door built right in. Need to cook for the crew on the go? A concession door in your trailer helps you dish up the goods. Whatever kind of adventure you plan to have with your ALCOM car hauler, we have the options to help you get it right. 

Rear Corner Jacks 

Did we mention that hauling cars is serious business? They’re big, they’re heavy, and if your trailer is unstable when you try to load them, you’re going to have a bad time.

All of our trailers are equipped with a center jack suited to the trailer model and size, and upgrades like a 12V pedestal jack are available. For extra stability, get rear corner jacks that drop down to help balance the trailer while you load and unload. These handy jacks come standard on the Pinnacle series. 

Even More Options 

We’ve only scratched the surface of the options available when you deck out your enclosed car hauler. Whether you need a compact, budget-friendly hauler or you’re ready to build out the trailer of your dreams, ALCOM has an enclosed car hauler for you. 

Keep it simple with heavy-duty D-rings and water-resistant decking and save your budget for your hot rod - or go all out with everything from cabinets and a heater to a fold-out sleeper sofa and a sink! ALCOM lets you design the ultimate aluminum enclosed car hauler for your needs. You can upgrade your trailer’s axles, doors, latches, or even add extra box height. Choose interior and exterior finish and trim. 

Once you’ve determined how many cars you’re hauling, narrow down to the size and style trailer that catches your eye, and reach out to your local ALCOM dealer or learn more online. Whatever you choose, you’ll get the all aluminum, made in the USA construction that defines all the trailers we build across our ALCOM brands. We look forward to helping you hit the road!

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