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Enclosed Trailer Ramps and How to Use Them

Ramps are pretty simple - inclined surfaces you roll or carry things up and down to move them from one level to another. They’re easy to overlook until you’re stuck trying to load or unload a trailer without one! 

ALCOM aluminum trailers are built with ramp options that will never leave you stranded. Our enclosed trailers have solutions to help you get your trailer loaded and unloaded without throwing out your back. 

Rear Ramp Door

If your enclosed trailer has only one ramp - make it a rear ramp door with spring assist. Your trailer needs a latching rear door to enclose your cargo, and you need a ramp to move that cargo from ground to trailer and back again. 

ALCOM built the spring assisted rear ramp door to meet both needs. You’ll never be stuck without a ramp, and your cargo is locked in. Plus, the spring assist takes the heavy lifting off your back. Starter and transition flaps are available for the ultimate smooth loading experience. 

Front Ramp Door  

Just like a rear ramp door, a spring assisted front ramp door provides easy access to cargo and takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Available on V-nose style cargo trailers, a front ramp adds convenience and access. Get a starter and transition flap to complete the ramp. 

We especially recommend a front ramp door if you’re hauling snowmobiles. Our Inline Enclosed snow trailers are designed like a Pez dispenser for your sleds - drive them in the rear ramp door, and when it’s time to ride, drive right out the front!  

Stowaway Ramps

ALCOM enclosed contractor trailer with barn doors and stowaway ramps; one already placed

Double barn doors and stowable ramps are a popular choice on ALCOM enclosed contractor trailers. With stowable ramps that securely mount inside the swinging rear doors, you can always use one or both ramps to move items at the jobsite. Stow the ramps when you need easy step-up access to the cargo trailer and swing the barn doors wide for full access.  

Even More Ramps

Some larger ALCOM enclosed trailers can be upgraded with a side access ramp door. Even more access to your goods and gear - plus a spring assist for easy operation.  

Hauling cars? Upgrade to a car hauler grade rear ramp door so you can drive those beauties into the trailer, worry-free. 

For side access doors or swinging rear doors, check out our step and stair options, too. No, these aren’t ramps, but we can’t help but mention how convenient pull-out or flip-down aluminum steps are - get them powder coated for a little extra style.

Time to Load Up

With ALCOM’s lightweight, long-lasting, rust-defying aluminum trailers, you’re always ready to haul it all. Spring assisted ramp doors with optional transition flaps, and handy stowaway ramps, help you load and unload with ease.  

Don’t limit your options to ramps, though - what do you need to haul and how can we help you get it there? ALCOM builds the lightest, strongest, longest lasting aluminum trailers on the market. 

Our huge network of ALCOM trailer dealers is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect all aluminum enclosed trailer to get your cargo there and back. With over 500 dealers across the USA and Canada, there’s an ALCOM dealer near you - wherever you are! 

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