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Open Trailer Ramps - Which is Best for Your Cargo?

Driving an ATV onto an open ALCOM aluminum trailer using stowable ramps.

An open aluminum trailer from ALCOM is one of the lightest, strongest, and most reliable ways to move your stuff from here to there. We manufacture a full lineup of open utility and dump trailers, open snowmobile and ATV trailers, open motorcycle trailers and car haulers - plus our specialty offerings like sled decks, raft trailers, and UTV racks.  

To get vehicles from the ground onto the trailer, or to load heavy cargo using a hand truck or two-person carry, ramps are your best bet. That’s why ALCOM offers a lineup of ramp options for any open aluminum trailer you buy from us. With ramps to go with your open trailer, you’ll never be stuck awkwardly loading cargo. 

Integrated Ramps

Integrated ramps are built into your trailer so you can never drive off without them. Open utility trailers come standard with integrated fold-down ramps, with a bi-fold upgrade available. On F/A open trailer models, upgrade to a slide-out 4000-lb. ramp that replaces the standard fold-down option. Integrated ramps are designed to work with the size, type and weight capacity of the trailer, and are a great option for folks who frequently haul vehicles, lawn mowers, or motorcycles and always need a ramp available. Add a side-mounted fold-down ramp to your large open landscape or utility trailer for even more loading options. 

Portable & Stowable Ramps

Portable ramps aren’t affixed to your trailer, so you need to remember to pack them - but ALCOM makes that easy, too, and gives you a dedicated spot under the trailer deck to secure the ramps for transport. Stowable ramps are designed for extra versatility - place them where and when you need them. 

On heavy duty open trailer models, you can replace the standard HD flip-up ramps with six-foot car hauler grade stowaway ramps. Make sure you check out our integrated beavertail construction trailers, too, for loading lower-clearance vehicles. 

On open ATV trailers, get ramps that pull double duty as front and rear trailer rails; use them for loading and unloading, and for cargo security on the road! Need a ramp for your dump trailer? Don’t worry - those are available, too. Whatever you need to load into your trailer, ALCOM has a solution to help you get it there.   

Telescoping Ramps 

Telescoping ramp extended from ALCOM UTV rack to ground level ready to load.

Sport decks and ATV/UTV racks ride high in your pickup truck’s bed, so having ramps to get your ATV or sled up and down is critical. Telescoping ramps are built into the sport deck and ATV/UTV rack. They extend to 10’ 6” so you can get your sled or ATV up and loaded in no time.   

Tilting Decks

A tilting deck aluminum trailer doesn’t have ramps, because the trailer deck itself serves double duty as a cargo platform and a loading ramp. For lighter utility trailers or snowmobile haulers, a tilt deck is a great option for solo hauling. Skip the ramps without losing the convenience of loading your ALCOM trailer. The drive on/drive off open snow trailer model even includes a front salt shield that folds down and doubles as a ramp for easy drive-off unloading. 

Ready to Roll?  

Ready to start your aluminum trailer buying journey? An open trailer from ALCOM is built to last for the long haul, with plenty of options to meet your needs. Whether you need ramps, tie-down options like D-rings and sliding track, side panels for your open trailer, or a beavertail trailer deck for classic cars. 

Whatever you need to haul, we’ll help you get it there. With six manufacturing sites across the continental United States, and over 450 dealers across the USA and Canada, ALCOM has the aluminum trailer you need, where you need it. Learn more by visiting our brand sites today or reaching out to your local dealer.

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