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Open Aluminum Car Hauler Buyer’s Guide

Hauling a vehicle or two and prefer to use an open style trailer? ALCOM has open aluminum frame car haulers designed for one to two vehicles in plenty of styles to suit your needs. 

Choosing an open trailer makes sense if you don’t need loads of interior options like heat, power, or lights - you just want to get your car to its destination, and have a trailer that can pull double-duty if you need to haul a new washer and dryer home. An ALCOM open car hauler is the answer! 

Open Hauler Styles 

We build open car haulers in a few core styles to meet a wide range of needs.  

If you have a Slingshot and need a trailer designed specifically to fit that vehicle, ALCOM builds the perfect solution. Our Polaris line, and several of our other brands, offer a Slingshot-specific open aluminum hauler. With a perfect fit that can also serve other hauling needs, the lightweight, nimble, all aluminum Slingshot trailer is just right. 

For most other vehicles, you want to check out the open car hauler line. A classic open car hauler combines everything you want in a trailer: all aluminum construction, grippy extruded decking, a removable fender and stowaway ramps, beavertail construction, recessed D-rings and a fixed 2” x 2” bumper. Available in 14’ to 20’ length, the open car hauler is built to last.

Prefer a wood deck for your open hauler? ALCOM builds those, too. Choose the wood deck version of the open car hauler and you can get a longer trailer with more payload, plus water resistant heat treated decking for excellent durability. The standard wood deck hauler is available in 16’ to 22’. Get the 10K version in 18’ to 24’ for more payload and extra deck space. Get recessed D-rings, a rub rail with stake pockets, beavertail construction, stowaway ramps, and a removable aluminum fender for easy loading, tie-down, and hauling. 

Ramp & Loading Options 

Part of your purchase decision may come down to the fine details like ramp options - whether it’s a personal preference or a specific need, ALCOM has you covered. 

If you prefer not to deal with ramps at all, we recommend the tilting open car hauler. It has the same all aluminum frame, extruded aluminum decking, recessed D-rings, removable fender as the standard open hauler, plus an 18” front stationary deck to keep your tools or gear undisturbed while you load the trailer. The anti-rattle hydraulic tilt system is simple to use and lets you load without ramps. 

For open car haulers without a tilt system, stowable ramps are part of the standard package when you purchase your trailer. But if you need an upgrade, check out ALCOM’s offerings. Plus, trust the built-in beavertail construction to work with your ramps to let low-clearance vehicles load without damage to the undercarriage. Removable fenders help reduce damage to your vehicle by allowing you to open the driver side door without hitting the fender once the car is loaded onto the trailer deck.  

On aluminum open car haulers, upgrade to a full-width utility rear ramp or a seven-foot fold down bi-fold rear ramp. You could also add an extra ramp to the trailer for loading a Slingshot or ATV. On the wood deck car hauler, add an extra ramp or upgrade to the full-width rear utility ramp. The Slingshot trailer keeps it simple: it has an integrated, fold down bi-fold rear ramp.  

Decking & Tie-Down Options

Consider your hauling needs when you think about a wood deck versus extruded aluminum deck trailer, and which tie-down points to install. 

No matter how wood decking is treated, including our long lasting heat treated planking, it is still wood - and therefore, extruded aluminum decking will always have an advantage when it comes to hauling in consistently wet conditions. If you spend most of your tow time in the rain, near water, or dousing the trailer deck - consider sticking with extruded aluminum decking. The all aluminum car hauler is one of our most weather resistant trailers! 

If you need the extra size or payload our wood deck haulers offer and you are not going to be routinely saturating the trailer deck, a wood deck hauler is a great choice. Heat treated wood is excellent at resisting pests, shrinking and swelling, and other environmental decay. It’s water resistant and the treatment process is free of chemicals. 

Whichever trailer deck you choose, tie-down points are a must-have feature. Aluminum car haulers from ALCOM have recessed D-rings installed standard, but if you need extra weight capacity for your tie-downs, check out our heavy duty D-ring upgrades. Choose 5,000 lbs. or 6,000 lbs. heavy duty D-rings for the ultimate cargo security when you tie your vehicle down to the trailer. 

A rub rail and stake pockets offer additional cargo and trailer deck protection, plus more tie-down options, and they are standard on the wood deck car hauler. Add them to the aluminum deck hauler or tilting car hauler. 

More Car Hauler Options

Add some extra features to your car hauler once you’ve chosen your trailer model, size, loading and tie-down options. Add an air dam to the front of the trailer to keep things aerodynamic and shield your cargo on the road. A tongue-mounted diamond plate tool box helps you keep things organized. Extra stake pockets make transport security even easier and more versatile. Upgrade the fenders, wheels, and coupler on your wood deck one- or two-car haulers. 

Whichever open aluminum car hauler you choose, ALCOM has the options and upgrades to make it work for you. With six manufacturing sites across the continental USA and over 450 dealers across the United States and Canada, there’s an ALCOM dealer near you, no matter where you are. Get in touch today to learn more - and let’s help you find your trailer! 


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