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Hitch On With ALCOM! Season 1, Webisode 3: Barrel Racing

Barrel racer Breanna Brown and her horse outside their Frontier aluminum trailer


Breanna Brown's parents didn't realize what they were getting into when she started taking horseback riding lessons and saw a barrel racing course for the first time. After her first time trotting around the barrels, Breanna was hooked - and barrel racing became her lifelong passion. 

After that first try, Breanna told us: "Something inside me was just like, I want to do this forever!"

So she did! Breanna explains barrel racing as an all-female rodeo competition, during which the horse and rider compete for the fastest cloverleaf pattern, making turns through the cloverleaf shape through the three-barrel course - without knocking the barrels over.  

After practicing her own craft without a professional coach, learning from YouTube tutorials and any other resources she could find, Breanna started sharing her knowledge with others on her website. Through professional coaching and clinics, plus sharing lots of free tips and information on her website and Instagram, Breanna helps the next generation of barrel racers learn what they need to know. 

Part of being a successful barrel racer is having a good transportation system for both horse and rider. For a horse, a comfortable, safety-focused trailer is key. That's why Breanna chose an all aluminum trailer from Frontier Trailers, an ALCOM brand. An aluminum trailer is designed to resist rust, and to save weight over steel competitors, making it easier to haul with more pickup trucks. 

Breanna told us she loves her Frontier trailer because it's built with her horse's best ride in mind. With safe loading in muddy or snowy conditions, easy food and water access with drop-down windows, and all the little extras Frontier builds in for optimal comfort, it's an ideal choice. 

"Whatever you want in a trailer, they're going to make sure that you get it. We just want to make sure that our horses are taken care of the best, and I feel like they keep that really front of mind." 

We love hearing Breanna say that, because Frontier Trailers are all built with the safety and care of your animals as our priority. We also deliver features to make the ride even better - things like padded breast and butt bars; adjustable saddle trees; bridle hooks and other tack room organization options; windows galore; feed bag hooks; optional ramps; and lots more. Frontier Trailers has every option your horse needs. 

"It's almost like you have wings," Breanna Brown says when asked to describe horseback riding. "It's very freeing." 

It's also freeing to know her horses can travel safely and comfortably in a purpose-built, all-season aluminum trailer from Frontier. We loved learning Breanna's story and seeing first-hand how Frontier Trailers are part of her journey. Join Breanna and other happy Frontier Trailers customers when you choose an all aluminum horse trailer with all the features you and your horses want and need. Your local Frontier dealer can help you select every detail. Learn more about our line of trailers for one to three horses - and other livestock, too! - when you visit the Frontier Trailers website

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