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Horse Trailer Must-Have Accessories From ALCOM

A woman leads a horse beside an aluminum Frontier horse trailer with open feed windows.

Hauling cargo in an ALCOM aluminum trailer is easy. Load, secure, and go! But some cargo requires a specialized ride - especially when you're transporting horses, who are used to providing their own transportation on foot!  

Today we're looking at Frontier horse trailers and the specialized features that make them an ideal choice when it's time to get your equine friends from one place to another. 


Keep the fresh air flowing for your horses. No one likes a stuffy ride! Getting plenty of fresh air is important for critters and helps keep the trailer air fresh for you, when it's time to load and unload.

Double action pop-up vents let you air out the trailer with an easy adjustment. Keep fresh air circulating with adjustable aluminum vents in every stall.  For extra airflow, some trailer models also include air gaps with removable covers for versatile ventilation.  Add a fan to really keep the air moving and cool things down. 


Peek in at your four-legged friends, or feed them easily, with trailer windows.

Great for ventilation or feeding, drop-down feed windows with aluminum bars come standard in many Frontier models. Need extra windows? Opt for a trailer with sliding windows on the rump wall for even more visibility and ventilation. 

Padded Dividers & Bars 

Nobody likes a bumpy ride. Padded butt and breast bars are designed to protect and cushion your horse during travel. They help keep your horse from moving around too much during travel, which could be unsafe, and the padding ensures that a bump doesn't turn into an injury.

Padded breast bars, butt bars and stall dividers keep horses safe during travel.

Stall dividers with padding complete the stall and keep your horses safe on the road. Configure your aluminum trailer for ideal travel conditions and your horses will thank you! 

Rubber Flooring

Thick, rugged, durable rubber flooring gives horses a sturdy but supportive surface for long rides. It's just more comfortable than a hard wood or metal surface, and it's got better traction.

Rubber flooring inside the stalls and on the Frontier aluminum trailer's ramp

Rubber (or optional Rumber) also helps to distribute their weight and provide relief for their legs. It's built to last and easy to clean - just sweep hay and manure out the door and wash the floor!    

Insulated Walls & Ceiling

Cooler when it's hot outside, and warmer when it's cold outside. Insulated walls and ceiling help keep temperatures regulated, which is an important part of keeping horses comfortable. Choose insulated wall and ceiling liners in the just the stalls, or in the whole trailer - tack room included! 

Even More Accessories

Speaking of a tack room, don't forget to explore the whole range of trailer sizes, options, and accessories from the Frontier lineup. All-aluminum horse and livestock trailers let you transport livestock with a lightweight trailer that's built to endure the elements and any messes that happen during the ride. Aluminum construction isn't susceptible to rust, letting Frontier Trailers outlast the competition. 

Bridle hooks and saddle trees, tie-downs, blanket bars, and more - get everything you and your horses need in one sleek aluminum trailer from Frontier. 

Features for the Whole Herd

What else do you need in a horse trailer? Your local Frontier dealer can help you choose exactly the right options for your aluminum trailer. Frontier Trailers has options for up to four horses, plus other livestock-specific trailer options to help you get your animals from place to place in safety and comfort.

With our huge dealer network and six manufacturing sites, we have trailers available when and where you need them. Visit the Frontier Trailers website or reach out to your Frontier dealer today - we look forward to helping you find the perfect ride for your horses!  

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