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Hitch On With ALCOM! Season 1, Webisode 2: Skijor Racing

Skijor team Josie and Nate on the racecourse for their third championship.

What do you get when you combine a rider on horseback, a skier or snowboarder holding a tow rope, and a 1,000 foot snow-covered racetrack? Skijor racing! 


In this episode of Hitch On, we’re exploring the wild and wonderful world of skijor racing. Meet Josie McAllister, skijor rider, and Nate True, skijor skier. Josie is an ALCOM customer who’s made a Frontier aluminum horse trailer the first choice for her four-legged teammates.


What is Skijoring, Anyway? 

Skijoring is a sport you have to see to believe. A rider on horseback pulls a skier or snowboarder through a 1,000-ft. track, complete with jumps and features. The fastest rider/skier team wins the event. 

Having evolved from an off-season pastime for barrel racers, skijoring has grown into a competition that draws a crowd - and serious racers. Josie and Nate have taken first place three years in a row! 


Getting to the Racetrack with Frontier Trailers 

Winning racer Josie McAllister uses a bumper pull aluminum horse trailer by Frontier Trailers, an ALCOM brand, to get her horses to the competition. 

After her old steel trailer rusted through, leaving Josie standing in a hole in the floor, she invested in an aluminum trailer from Frontier. Its lighter construction makes it easy to tow behind different trucks. Rust-resistant construction means it’s built to last. For winter travel, like getting to the skijor track, the aluminum trailer doesn’t sustain the kind of corrosion and damage a steel trailer could when salt, slush, and gravel from the road are pelting it for miles on end. 

Josie also says she loves the purpose-built features loaded into her Frontier trailer. A huge tack room for gear storage includes wall hooks and an adjustable saddle rack. Hooks placed in and around the trailer let Josie hang feed bags or tie up horses in versatile configurations. 

Frontier trailers are built specifically for transporting livestock, with standard features like vented stalls, braked axles, LED lights, full length running boards and heavy duty rear step-up rubber bumpers. Many Frontier livestock trailers can also be outfitted with upgrades, like extra box height or length, extra hooks, a hay loft, extra feeding windows, and more. Upgrade the flooring or wall and ceiling liners for extra durability and style. 


Livestock Loves Frontier Trailers

We’ve talked about the reasons Josie loves her Frontier trailer, but we really loved hearing that her horses travel comfortably, without getting sweaty or worked up, in their sweet aluminum ride. After all, Frontier trailers are designed to work just as well for your animals as they are for you as the driver. When a trailer is easy to tow, and the livestock it’s transporting are comfortable and calm, everyone has a better trip. 


Hitch On With Frontier Trailers from ALCOM 

Heading to the skijor track or the barrel racing arena? Join three-time skijor champ Josie McAllister and the rest of our happy customers by getting there with a Frontier horse trailer.

Frontier builds good looking, long lasting aluminum horse and livestock trailers in a wide range of sizes and styles, including bumper pull and gooseneck models for one or more animals. Hitch on with Frontier today! 

Plus, if you need other trailers, like utility, cargo, or ATV haulers, ALCOM’s family of American-made aluminum trailer brands has everything you need. Learn more by visiting our website or reaching out to your local ALCOM trailer dealer today. 


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