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All About Aluminum Raft Trailers by ALCOM

All welded aluminum raft trailer by ALCOM with a whitewater raft loaded and secured.

Headed to the river for a rafting trip? Whether you’re seeking calm currents to float along, or raging rapids to conquer, getting a raft to the river’s edge can be an awkward job. But ALCOM  makes it easy with purpose-built all aluminum raft trailers! 

Forget awkward loading and unloading. Upgrade to an ALCOM aluminum raft trailer and make getting to the river’s edge the easiest part of your trip. 

Why Choose a Raft Trailer from ALCOM? 

Sure, you could get your raft from here to there some other way, using a different trailer, a makeshift solution, or a deflated raft you have to inflate when you arrive. But why do that when you can get a purpose-built raft trailer from ALCOM? 

Jeep towing an ALCOM aluminum raft trailer

Our raft trailers are light, tough, and convenient. Available in 10’ or 12’ length, with an 84” wide deck, and weighing less than 600 lbs., they’re built to help simplify your river rafting adventure without slowing you down. 

Raft Trailer Standard Features 

Your 10’ or 12’ raft trailer is equipped standard with five tie-down points per side, two front tie-down points, and recessed LED marker lights. You also get our signature all aluminum construction and Dexter torsion ride axles. Standard 5/4” pressure treated decking for water resistance. 

The trailer’s rear roller with bearings and the manual winch with a 24” post make it easy to load and unload rafts. The winch does the heavy lifting so you and your rafting buddies don’t have to strain your backs before you even get in the boat. The roller makes a smooth transition for the ramp to glide up over the edge of the trailer and into place. ALCOM designed this trailer to give you the features you need for river rafts, right out of the gate. 

But you know we love to offer upgrades, too - so let’s see what else you can add to your ALCOM raft trailer. 

Raft Trailer Upgrades & Options 

Need extra D-rings or welded side tie-down rings on your aluminum raft trailer? You got it. Add those to the side and deck of the trailer. Want to upgrade the decking to our ¾” quad ply non-skid decking that sheds water, oil and messes with ease? Let’s build it! The quad ply flooring looks great and performs like a champion. 


You can also upgrade the wheels, add a spare tire carrier, get a 36” winch instead of 24”, or add a 1200-lbs. tongue-mounted wheel jack.

We really love the tilt bed option for a raft trailer. An anti-rattle tilt bed option lets you make loading and unloading even easier so you can spend more time on your river adventure and less time dealing with your trailer. 

For Your Next Adventure 

Now that you’re ready to roll with a hard-working, purpose-built raft trailer from ALCOM - is there anything else you need to haul? From specialty hauling solutions like raft trailers, UTV racks and sport decks, to full sized car haulers and contractor trailers, we have the trailer you need, with the options and features to make it work for your specific needs. 


ALCOM builds some of the lightest, strongest, and most in-demand trailers on the market. With six production facilities in the continental USA, and over 500 dealers across the United States and Canada, we have the trailers you need, where you need them. Learn more today by visiting our brand sites or connecting with your local dealer.  

Whatever you need to haul, ALCOM has a trailer designed to help you get it there. Let’s find YOUR trailer today! 

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