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Western Canada Adventure w/All-Sport Snow Trailers

All-Sport Elevation trailer parked with snowmobiles at a cabin

Let's continue our Trans-Canadian trek with on the Great Canadian Snowmobile Trail in Western Canada, with a spotlight on All-Sport Snow Trailers. The wide open spaces in the provinces of Western Canada and the big, burly All-Sport aluminum snowmobile trailer are a perfect match for winter adventure with no limits. 

All-Sport Snow Trailers

With a 99" wide trailer box, the All-Sport enclosed snow trailer is over a foot wider than an inline enclosed snow trailer. Available in 16' to 32' long (with Elevation model upgrades available in different sizes, too), this trailer says: "go big or go home."  


And when you're hauling an All-Sport snow trailer, you don't need to go home before you've had your fill of snowmobile adventure. You can take these trailers on a road trip adventure, because they're loaded with handy features and lots of available upgrades.

For a truly decked-out hauler, choose an Elevation package. The All-Sport Elevation and Gooseneck All-Sport Elevation trailers come loaded with extra features, including a pair of padded fold-down benches; a basic heater package; premium lights; cabinets, coat hooks and organization galore; an Extreme Weather Package power upgrade; a stereo package; and so much more.


For the ideal long-hauling road-trip vacation trailer, get an All-Sport Elevation series aluminum snowmobile trailer. 

The Provinces of Western Canada

Stretching from East to West, the four provinces of Western Canada are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Folks visiting from the United States can enter Manitoba from Minnesota or North Dakota. Cross the border into Saskatchewan from North Dakota or Montana. Enter Alberta and British Columbia through Montana, or head north from Washington into BC. Wherever you choose to visit, don't forget to review current border crossing information and organize all the documents you need for the trek. That includes the registration and insurance information for your All-Sport aluminum snow trailer -- and any sleds you're hauling. Check out our quick-start guide to snowmobiling in Canada!  


Just west of Central Canada, you'll reach the actual longitudinal center of Canada: the province of Manitoba. There are over 13,000 km of snowmobile trails in Manitoba, maintained under the watch of the province's snowmobile federation, Snoman. An annual Snopass costs only $150 CAD (or, if you're from Saskatchewan - ride for free as long as your sled is registered and insured). 

Find wintry fun all around Manitoba to supplement your snowmobile vacation. Winter carnivals and festivals bring people out to enjoy the coldest, snowiest months. Check out ice skating and ice fishing, the Manitoba Ag Days expo, visit the world's largest snow maze, and so much more. Wherever you choose to go in the province, find nearby snowmobile trails and download trail maps at the Snoman website.


Heading west from Manitoba, enter Saskatchewan, one of Canada's only two landlocked provinces. Most of the population lives in the southern half of the state, and you'll find most of the trails, there, too. Discover over 11,000 km of snowmobile trails, maintained by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association and local clubs. Explore an interactive trail map, what you need to legally ride in Saskatchewan (including international information), and more at the SSA website.

All-Sport aluminum snow trailer parked outside a log cabin

When you're not on the trail, park your All-Sport snow trailer and enjoy a winter festival like Beer Bacon Bands or Frost Regina; a blues music festival; try dog-sledding; or try to spot the Northern Lights. If you can do it on snow, you can do it in Saskatchewan, so get ready for winter fun on and off the trail. 


Continue west into Alberta, Canada's other landlocked province and its fourth largest, with your All-Sport aluminum trailer. The Alberta Snowmobile Association oversees over 6500 km of trails, divided into six regions, with local clubs providing grassroots support. An annual pass costs only $90 CAD, and you can learn more about documents, passes, etc. at the ASA website

There's more to Alberta than snowmobiling, and depending on where you choose to ride, make time to visit places like Banff National Park (don't miss Lake Louise!), visit a wolfdog sanctuary, or try a new adventure like fat tire biking or sled-dog skijoring. Chase the Northern Lights, explore winter festivals, and enjoy the local food scene in the province's metropolitan centers. For snowmobile riders who also love to ski, toss your skis in the All-Sport trailer just in case you can squeeze in a day on the slopes! 

British Columbia

You may know British Columbia, or BC, as a ski destination, like Alberta -- and just like its neighbor, the West Coast province of Canada boasts exceptional skiing and snowmobiling. Haul your All-Sport trailer into BC to explore everything winter has to offer -- including world-class skiing, winter zip-lining in Whistler, ice skating, snowshoeing, and more. 

Snowmobiling in deep snow in British Columbia, Canada

The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation and over 60 local clubs oversee a trail network spanning 18,000 km. Narrow down this incredible selection by choosing a region to visit, then choosing a home base for your stay. You'll need to purchase a pass to ride, and you can find a club at the BCSF site. Joining a club supports the local organization, so choosing one near where you plan to ride is a good plan. Learn more at the BCSF website.

Still Need an All-Sport Trailer?

If you still need a snowmobile trailer, choose an aluminum All-Sport rig from ALCOM. Get a wide trailer box, front and rear ramp doors, a side access door, water-resistant decking, interior dome lights, a 24" stone guard, a drive-over fender kit, and even more standard features. Go for the biggest bang for your investment bucks when you choose an Elevation series All-Sport trailer in gooseneck or V-nose construction. Or, opt for the Peak Value All-Sport model so you can keep it simple (or DIY your interior updates). 

All-Sport snow trailer and snowmobiles parked on a winter day

Whatever your pick, your local ALCOM dealer can help you find the ideal aluminum All-Sport snow trailer for your adventures in Western Canada and beyond. Visit our brand sites today to learn more about the lineup of All-Sport snowmobile trailers, then find your local dealer and get in touch! 

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