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Trailer Flooring Options Guide

Water resistant decking on an open aluminum trailer from ALCOM

Every part of an ALCOM aluminum trailer is important, from the tires and axles to the tow hitch, safety chains and stone guard. We make it easy to choose the details you like best when customizing your aluminum cargo, snowmobile, or car trailer, from the exterior panel color to the size of your access doors. 

But today we're looking at the humble -- yet ever-so-crucial -- trailer floor

Open Trailer Flooring

When you invest in an open trailer, a water-resistant deck is a must. Every trailer deck ALCOM builds is designed to resist water damage and moisture, but each type of decking has its own distinct advantages.

ALCOM sport deck for snowmobilers with quad-ply flooring

Heat treated planking is a chemical-free solution that involves heating wood to a core temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. This process kills any pests or pathogens in the woods and helps to harden it against water intrusion. Pressure treated planking and decking are also treated for water-resistance, but these materials are treated by forcing preservatives into the wood to guard it against pests and moisture. 

Open two-place snowmobile trailer with tie-down bars

The type of decking that comes standard on your trailer depends on the trailer's purpose. For example, a raft trailer and a heavy-duty utility trailer are both built with standard 5/4" pressure treated decking for long-lasting water resistance and heavy-duty dependability. A wood deck car hauler comes standard with 2"x8" heat treated planking. A nimble on/off snow trailer gives you lightweight 1/2" marine tech plywood decking. On a commercial or homeowner style dump trailer, extruded aluminum decking is standard, because it's the easiest thing to clean and maintain no matter what kind of junk you load up to dump. 

Extruded aluminum decking on a car hauler

Many of our open landscape, utility, and car trailers can be upgraded to extruded aluminum decking, too. This lightweight material offers the ultimate rust-resistant, low-maintenance, all-weather floor. It might be the most durable kind of trailer floor you can choose!  

Enclosed Trailer Flooring

Choosing an enclosed trailer opens up a whole new menu of flooring options. Start with water-resistant decking, which comes standard on enclosed trailers like car haulers, Ultimate Contractor Package trailers, and cargo trailers.

Water resistant decking inside an enclosed snow trailer

Want to mix it up? Check out your upgrade options. Your enclosed trailer upgrade options include 3/4" water resistant decking (from 5/8"); 3/4" quad-ply decking; extruded aluminum floor; painted epoxy floor covering; rubber coin or TPO coin flooring; checkerboard or black marble vinyl flooring; aluminum diamond plate floor overlay. You could even choose charcoal carpet and add 3/4" foam insulation. 

For the ultimate in durability and oil-resistance, we love the quad-ply decking. Wash it down with soap and water and keep it looking fantastic for the long haul.

Don't Forget Tie-Downs

Whatever trailer decking and flooring options you choose, don't forget the tie-downs. Get recessed slide track, D-rings, and more to secure your cargo for a safe, well-organized haul.

Tie-down points installed in the trailer floor

Your tie-down needs will vary by trailer type, and specialized trailers like snowmobile haulers have optional ski tie-down bars, while on a motorcycle trailer, you can add motorcycle wheel chocks. Get your ideal cargo securement solutions from ALCOM when you customize your aluminum trailer! 

For the Long Haul

No matter the decking material and flooring upgrades you choose, ALCOM trailers are built for the road ahead, designed to last for the long haul with water-resistant, weight-saving all-aluminum construction. Contact your local dealer today! 

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