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Registering Your ALCOM Trailer

Aluminum Ultimate Contractor Package trailer by ALCOM parked outside behind a Jeep

You just bought an ALCOM aluminum trailer. Congratulations!

Whether you selected a car hauler to get the classic to its next show; a horse trailer to bring your four-legged friends to the rodeo; or a snowmobile hauler for wintertime fun -- we're so pleased you've invested in an all-aluminum, made in the USA trailer from ALCOM.

Aluminum Frontier horse trailer from ALCOM

So what's next? Before you start hauling, it's time to make sure your paperwork is in order. Just like when you buy a new car, there are some steps to complete before your trailer is ready to roll.  

Check Your State's Requirements

Each state has its own vehicle and trailer registration requirements, so the first step is to review your local requirements. Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles is the best place to start, and should have all the details listed on its website - including hours of operation and everything you need for a successful trailer registration.  

The DMV is also sometimes called the Office of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or Motor Vehicles Division. Whatever your state calls it, don't skip visiting this important office to register your ALCOM trailer. 

Gather Your Documents

To register your trailer, gather your documents, grab your checkbook, and head for the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Bring your: 

  • Bill of sale 
  • Title or title application 
  • Identification 
  • Proof of insurance (if applicable)

An aluminum Ultimate Contractor Trailer by ALCOM parked outside

The bill of sale provides written proof that you purchased the trailer, along with important details about the sale, and the title or title application provides proof of ownership. Some states require insurance for your cargo, snow, auto or utility trailer, but not all -- even if your state doesn't require coverage, it's worth protecting your aluminum investment with comprehensive and collision coverage, just in case. 

Register the Trailer

Got all your paperwork ready? It's time to go. Head for the DMV and register your trailer! If you bought your trailer through a private sale, you may need to pay sales tax in addition to excise tax when you register the trailer. The age and purchase price of your trailer will impact the cost of registration.  

You'll receive license plates to attach to the trailer and decals to affix to the plates. Keep your registration paperwork in a secure place, like your tow vehicle's glove compartment with other insurance and registration information. 

Registration Renewal

Many states allow time-saving online registration renewal once your initial registration is completed. Renewal is an annual event unless your state offers two-year registration terms, so mark your calendar and be sure to set aside money for your registration fees. Update your plate tags and registration document, then give your trailer a quick maintenance inspection while you're at it.   

Trailer Maintenance & Upkeep 

To keep your trailer in tip-top shape, schedule some routine maintenance intervals. Registration time is an ideal reminder to check your trailer's tires, axles, latches, tow hitch, safety chains, tie-downs ... you get the idea!

Aluminum car hauler trailer from ALCOM on the road in Florida

The more you use your trailer, the more routine wear and tear you're putting on all of its components, so routine inspections are important. Start with ALCOM's trailer maintenance guide, including a list of components to check at least once a year, to help you create an upkeep schedule.

Built for the Long Haul  

ALCOM all-aluminum trailers are proudly manufactured in the USA at our sites across the country. With more than 500 dealers in the United States and Canada, ALCOM has the aluminum trailers you need, where you need them. 

Choose aluminum for its durability, weight savings, rust resistance, and great looks. Choose ALCOM because we're the top manufacturer of aluminum trailers in the USA, building a full lineup of open and enclosed trailers for any application -- including livestock, landscape equipment, cars, snowmobiles and ATVs, and cargo. We even build dump trailers. You can trust ALCOM trailers to get your goods where they need to go.

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