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Big Sky Country Snowmobile Adventures

Snowmobiler zooming up a snowy hill in Seeley Lake, MT with a cloudy sky backdrop

Head for Big Sky Country with your all-aluminum snowmobile trailer from ALCOM and discover endless winter adventure! 

Montana is the fourth largest state in the USA, with over 145,000 square miles. For all that space, it's still the third least-densely populated state, so there's lots of wide, open land to roam, including mountains in the western half of the state and prairies in the east. Montana's economy is largely powered by agriculture, but tourism is its quickest-growing industry. And in the winter, snowmobiling is one of the best ways to spend a snowy day outside in Montana, whether you live in the state or you're visiting from away. 

Trailers for Your Trek 

Did you know ALCOM has a manufacturing facility in Bonner, Montana? The trailer you tow on your Big Sky Country adventure might have been manufactured right here in Montana! We proudly manufacture every type of sled trailer you could want.

All-Sport enclosed snow trailer towed by a pickup truck across a snowy Montana landscape

Take your pick from the ALCOM lineup, from the super-nimble Sport Deck to a big, decked-out Elevation gooseneck trailer - with every style you can imagine in between. Whether you choose an open or enclosed style, ALCOM builds the ideal trailers with the right features and upgrades to get your gear wherever it needs to go.

Traveling with an SUV? Check out the Crossover and Hybrid lineup for lightweight hauling for up to two snowmobiles, with a convenient front access door so you can always grab your gear quickly. Saving your budget for the cabin you're renting on your trip? Try an open style trailer for just the basics and dependable performance. Need to bring lots of sleds and all the gear for your whole crew? Think big, and check out the Inline and All-Sport trailers. Looking for some luxury? Elevation is the answer. 

Visit Big Sky Country

Cross into Montana from North or South Dakota to the east, Wyoming to the south, or Idaho to the west. Home to eight national parks and just over one million people, this sprawling state is just south of the Canadian provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan. Around 35% of the state's population is concentrated in seven metro and micropolitan areas: Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, and Kalispell. Billings is the only city in Montana with a population of over 100,000 people - so no matter where you roam in Big Sky Country, you can always find a small-town feeling.   

Gray enclosed deckover snowmobile trailer towed on a snowy Montana road

For Montana residents, snowmobile registration is a $20 annual fee; visitors from out of state must purchase a temporary pass for $35 per machine. Find details and pass options online. Then get ready to load your aluminum sled hauler, pack your warmest gear, and head for The Last Best Place -- Montana

Lolo Pass

On the Montana-Idaho border, explore the interconnecting trails of the Lolo Pass snowmobile trail system and venture into two national forests! A snowmobile trailer park-and-ride is conveniently located at the Lolo Pass Visitor Center, where you can pick up a trail map and learn more about the area.

Gray Jeep towing red High Country Crossover aluminum snowmobile trailer at Lolo Pass, Montana

Pick a place to stay in nearby Missoula, about an hour away, and you can explore the area's winter activities - like soaking in a natural hot spring or dog sledding - and local food and drink options. From there, you can head out about an hour in the other direction and hit the next snowmobile spot on our list! 

Seeley Lake

Get ready to put some miles under your sled tracks near Seeley Lake. This snowmobile paradise at the western edge of Montana offers year-round options for cozy lodging with trailer parking - choose a log cabin, a room in a lodge, or a nearby inn as your home base if you want to stay close by.

Two High Country aluminum snowmobile trailers parked at a cabin in Seeley Lake, Montana during winter

Along Route 83, find trailhead park-and-ride lots where you can park your aluminum hauler and unload snowmobiles. Pop open your trailer's ramp door and zoom off to explore. The Seeley Lake Driftriders oversee the upkeep and grooming of over 400 miles of trails in the area.

Some trails will lead you out into open snowfields where you can play all day and enjoy breathtaking views all around. Once you're ready for some rest, head back to the cabin, and get ready to do it all again tomorrow. 

West Yellowstone

Heading south from Seeley Lake, travel about an hour for another can't-miss snowmobile destination. Just outside of Yellowstone National Park, the town of West Yellowstone sits at the junction of Highways 20 and 191. This area has been hailed for its snowmobiling thanks to  deep snowfall, miles of trails, and proximity to the national park. West Yellowstone is a small town, but it hosts more than 4 million visitors every year, and has food, lodging, and activities for the whole family.   

Heading for West Yellowstone, MT with an All-Sport Elevation aluminum snowmobile trailer from ALCOM

Although some trails in this area enter the portion of Yellowstone National Park that's in Montana, to access them, you still need to purchase a park pass -- and you might want to hire a guide to help you safely explore this vast wilderness. Check out local trails outside the park like the Big Sky Trail, Two Top Mountain Trail, and South Plateau Trail. 

Cooke City

Looking to explore further along the border of Yellowstone National Park? Travel up and down along the Montana/Wyoming border to reach Cooke City, where the Upper Yellowstone Snowmobile Club welcomes you to explore 33 miles of groomed trails and steep, deep backcountry terrain. Since some roads in and out of the area are closed for the winter, and conditions can be unpredictable, a four-wheel drive vehicle is your best bet for traveling to Cooke City! 

Get Ready to Ride

Winter in Montana is an exciting and sometimes unpredictable season, so always remember to check conditions, weather, and availability before heading out. Load the snowmobile trailer with everything you'll need for winter's harshest temperatures. Don't forget to purchase any applicable permits and keep your important documents, like snowmobile trailer and tow vehicle insurance and registration, in a safe place. Once your adventure is underway, choose trails based on your ability and keep local trail maps handy while you ride. Don't forget to take some photos of all the incredible views you discover on the trail! 

Snowmobile Trailers To Go

So, are you ready to hit the trails and carve fresh tracks in Montana's backcountry? ALCOM dealers are here to help. Your local aluminum trailer dealer can help you choose the perfect aluminum snowmobile trailer in an open or enclosed style.

Inline aluminum snowmobile trailer from ALCOM parked at a scenic Montana spot

Customize your aluminum sled hauler with tie-downs, accessories and upgrades like a heater package or storage cabinets. Once you've chosen the ideal snowmobile trailer for your winter vacation, it's time to hitch on and hit the road! Learn more by visiting our brand sites today and reaching out to your local dealer to get started.  

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